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Since 1996 Michael and Tori Buck have captured the best of Grand Rapids with eyes wide open. Their eye for talent landed me with not only an opportunity to style food, but a dear, dear friendship. From studio stills, drones, and to "God knows what next" the Bucks prove their commitment to innovation. The Bucks' images are everywhere - seriously everywhere. Even when the talent needs help tying his boots, The Bucks are there to help...they are the true embodiment of  “Take a picture it will last longer!


Who on earth could try to capture all of my energy on video? This Guy, Jeff Hage. Jeff’s passion for food and hospitality mimic’s mine in front of the camera creating the opportunity where passion flows onto the screen as if the chef was shooting himself. Green Frog Studios and I are morally invested in our new venture, The Homecker Series, which shares the tricks, tips, and techniques of the culinary trade. Of Course I value the dear friendship with Jeff Hage, it is like we were cut from the same roll of film!

Green Frog
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