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2022, not so bad!

Well that was something last year! My Chef coat got smaller, the quality of life better, my savings (a little) bigger, Ainsley and I fun-ner! (fun-ner?) And I couldn't do this alone. With Wendy, Jose's, and Ainsley I created some efficiencies and relationships to help me get back on track.

I started the year wearing a size 3x Chef coat and with the help of Coach Wendy and the Center I chipped 58 pounds of fat off this frame! Even better my limp is gone because of her expertise and helping me be accountable. Sure the sciatic pain is still haunting me but it is not dictating my life! I am managing it with movement and nutrition, not drugs or procedures that make my body worse.

Coach Wendi and I have some strategies to get even better this year by launching our blog:

The Coach and the Cook!

Now that Wendy and I have seen some success with my health, we are up-ing our game by hauling out the big guns: Jose's and Ainsley! Why shouldn't we encompass two more of the biggest parts of my life? Ainsley can easily help me come up with healthy recipes for Jose's to share with you. This way we can deliver consistent recipes to help lower your budget. Stay tuned to help in the process of a Jose's Supper Club!!

Here's to 2023, let's just have some good clean fun!

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Wendi C
Wendi C
28 déc. 2022

Yes 2023, the Cook and Coach will hold one another accountable. This Friday will be my first grocery shop since we set our goals and I am going to keep our MODO "Quality Less Quantity" in the forefront of my mind.

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