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And the Bonus!

So the cool thing about being a chef trying to lose weight and eat better, healthier prep and recipes are a no-brainer! The best part is I can share it with you at Jose Babushka's! This entree can be naughtier with some warm tortillas too. Only 20 bucks!

This plate is has 5 ounces of beef tenderloin, a Roma tomato, zucchini, yellow squash, onions all stir fried then put on 1/2 cup rice. Top it off with about 2 oz of fresh guac and some of our chipotle Aioli.

I have to give some proper respects to Chef Evan and Chef John for the execution, so you know its good!

Listen it is really tough to keep it healthy all the time. The reason I am down almost 70 pounds since January is that I don't beat myself up for going off the rails. I am just trying to eat better. If I want to have ice cream with my daughter, I'm a gonna! This creates a motivation for me to eat clean 95% of the time and the Proof is in the (lack of) Pudding! Come see me at Jose's for lunch on Fridays, I will send this home for you and your family.


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