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As I CENTER my health, I need to listen to my Gut!

And not to just my cravings! After I turned 50, I realized that not only am I my ONLY advocate for my personal health, but that there are actual entities out there that sell us products and services that go against a healthy life. I always tell Ainsley"I trust you, but I need to verify, like when I ask her if she brushed her teeth, or did her laundry. Well with the health INDUSTRY, I have learned some hard lessons and truths.

  1. Hospitals and providers are an industry designed to make money.

  2. Health insurance companies are not insurance, they too are an industry to make money.

  3. As a consumer, it is up to me to find the best value for the dollar.

Let me start off with my family doctor. 3 generations of FitzGerald have 2 generations of Apps looking out for us. When we call, they listen, they are honest, and want good health for all. They are a part of our community and I feel more than secure in their expertise.

What about the others that play into the mix? Health insurance, specialists, rehabilitation.

Health insurance is racket, we all know it. Its their court, their ball, their game, right? Well, maybe we can take back some of our autonomy with our health dollars by getting a Health Savings Account. Pay the minimum monthly, and SAVE our dollars for where we want them to go. My plan is basic, I pay everything until my outrageous deductible is met. All I am really doing is mitigating my own risk. This is why:

I went to the most reputable Health Care Group (fOAM)to help me with my back when I had "the best plan"

We are going to do bullet points to save us time!

  • The plan did not cover the shot to back, because I may need another one like a one-two punch

  • 9/23/21 The fOAM made it perfectly clear that I needed to pay upfront for the shot but they would save me $200 because it was cash. Only $800 for a shot to the spine!

  • Then they backed up my follow up/second shot by 10 days because my PA was going on vacation.

  • At least my PA was only 115 minutes late to my follow up and prescribed me something that should have been prescribed on my first visit, the one I paid cash for.

  • 4 calls from fOAM to tell me to make sure I bring my cash up front, or no shot.

  • 11/8/21 My "one-two shot" almost 2 months, not 2 weeks later did absolutely nothing.

  • At least when I checked in for both appointments POP up ADS didn't try to influence me for Weight Loss and ED meds. The last thing you want is a skinny chef and a lonely single Dad on those!

  • When I told my doctor the level of care, he apologized and that was that.

  • Should I bring up how their billing department reported me to collections (even though I had to pay up front?)

Now then, I can't wait to show you the progress The Center and I are making. You know I love paying women to tell me what to do! Seriously, Cheryl and Wendi are doing some amazing magic without drugs or empty promises. Oh and BTW, never had an issue with them blowing me off, wasting my time, or jeopardizing my credit.

For you, the reader I would love some gas on this fire! Share with me your experiences, good bad or ugly! Misery loves company, you bring the wine cause I brought the cheese!


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