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Before I went to THE CENTER and met Wendi, I didn't have SQUAT!

NOW NOW NOW! Yesterday, I wanted to be moving and healthy yesterday! That's what we want right? At least I do. I want to run with Ainsley, carry her on my shoulders,and

run alongside her bike.

This does not happen overnight with a pill, shot or some "Healthcare" group selling you stuff. It takes eating right and moving right. OH and a boat-load of frustration!

Pictured above is the"rack", it used to be my friend, until I abandoned her. I opted for easier friends to hang out with like the TV and the refrigerator. Then all of the sudden I turned 51, overweight, and walking with a limp, constantly in pain. "Go to these guys, they will give you a shot and you'll be ok" They said. Nope! But at least they insisted I pay up front. A word of advice: Just like the guy selling speakers in the parking lot, don't pay for them 'till you know they work!

I could go on and on about the FOAM that is out there, but I won't. Today I talk about my friends and the Center(center for Physical Rehabilitation.) Because they told me that I will be frustrated and there is no easy road to getting back to GOOD HEALTH. But they did splash in some hope, empathy, and incredible powers of the mind!

So Wendi and I this week had a session where not only did I move better, faster, but STRONGER! I actually have been squatting weight, like real weight! This may seem trivial, but coming from a guy that cringed at sitting down in a chair, it gets pretty emotional.

Inflamation can be relieved not only with consistent movement but with good diet. My love for arugula is now two fold-it is a delicious and natural anti-inflammation green! So here's to hope and a killer salad that helps with in inflammation! This recipe is for you Wendi, for making me give a squat!

Ensalada Antonini that feeds two:

1 whole clamshell of Arugula

12 oz grilled salmon(medium)

1/4 cup pecans

Shaved Parmesan cheese

Drizzle of white truffle oil

That's it! This salad will fill you up, its delish, and it won't anger the joints. Stay moving my friends and always know that your Chef loves you!


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