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Construction Season's Greetings! pt 1

Poor Road Construction Season! Everyone hates this time of year, heck just mentioning the word "DETOUR" will invoke emotions and stress that could make any of us turn into a person we just don't want to be. Why is it when shopping at Meijer if you cut someone off coming out of the ice cream aisle, we all say, "Oh I'm sorry, after you, have a nice day." But God forbid the person that didn't see you trying to merge into 131 through a forest of orange. Why do we feel we can yell and send bad vibes to that person? It seems because we so are encapsulated by our vehicle that our driver's license becomes a license to rage out on anyone. Me, I try an old standby question:

What are you going to do? NOTHING just be patient and nice. But I digest! Let me expand.

Road Construction Season can be just like our HEALTH. Think about it. If we aren't constantly maintaining good movement and nutrition, we are going to get jammed up. And that is what I love about seeing Wendi every week. See I think, "the pot holes are fine and I can just keep avoiding them until they get just too big to go around." This mentality will get you farther and further from your destination.

In December I was on a road that was completely shut down, now at least we have one lane open! Sure I have to wait for that stop sign to turn, but at least I am moving. And that is the whole point....patience. Consistency will win me this race, just wait until you see what Wendi is making me do!


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