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Not to be confused with a HOME Wrecker!  My mission as a professional chef is to give the knowledge that seems to be lost in today’s home kitchen.  (I guess that’s why it was so important to take Home Economics when you were a student) So the term HOMECKER was born of necessity for the love of building up the home by being aware of the costs of nurturing yourself and your family. As a Professional Chef, I look forward to not only inspiring you to cook more economically, but manage your kitchen with all the tips and tricks I have learned over 30 years.  This means YOU! I don’t care if you are single, huge family, or even an empty nester, everyone can benefit from a reminder how much fun and inexpensive it can be to eat real local fresh food.

It’s not like my family doesn’t order in Chinese or Pizza.  But if you can take one afternoon or morning strategizing your foundation for a week’s worth of meals, the savings alone means you can tip that delivery driver bigger!have liked a post, made comments and more.

My hope for you as a HOMECKER is that you:

  1. Have one prep time per week that makes you stagezine your meals

  2. Have someone with you to share the experience

  3. Save so much money on your grocery bill it forces you to go out to a locally owned restaurant once a week with your friends or kids.

  4. Save so much money on your grocery bill it forces to take your partner/spouse/date  out on the second night to another local restaurant!

  5. Give you the confidence that you can do anything you want in the kitchen!

  6. Your overall mental and physical health is impacted for the better.

Something about home economics?!!

I’m not cheap, I’m just a HOMECKER!


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