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Didn't Realize that I had an "Everything Bagel" all this time!

One can say that this journey of health that I have been on is coming around full circle, like a bagel! The process of making the perfect bagel is not only an art form, but very scientific if you want the perfect outcome.

December of 2021 I promised myself to get healthy again. So I started everything from scratch, including a relationship with The Center for Physical Rehabilitation. I was over 330lbs, consistently limping, and always in pain. We are now going on 16 months of better movement, better diet, and better days. Most importantly without out drugs.

Some of you may not know this, but in my 30's I was a gym rat. I loved going to the gym, had a great work out partner(Hi Kirk!), and even filled in as a teacher for Body Pump(Hi Leslie!)

I can finally say that I am again comfortable in the gym. Although my workouts are more scientific, the "pump" or endorphins are slowly (but surely)waking up. Also back in the day I was always interested in the latest holistic approaches to recovery. Massage therapy, supplements, and of course proper nutrition were always constant.

With the FaceBook, The Tic Tok, and The Interweb I am now able to see the latest therapies that may help my 53 year-old body recover like it used to. So I sent Brian Gilbert of CPR a video of a therapy I wanted to try and he was like"Yeah, talk to Nick. We do that here and here's a bunch of other tools and therapies that may help you on this journey!"

So I thought I was making the perfect "BAGEL" with CPR, and now I find out it is apparently going to be an"EVERYTHING BAGEL"!

Think about this: 16 months in with CPR I have lost over 80lbs of fat, I move better, faster, and stronger. I seriously can't wait for the next 16 months because with Wendi and the whole team, this chef is truly going to be like a bagel:

Gorgeous and tough on the outside, yet soft and warm on the inside!

Thanks Team

In homage to the CPR Team here's your appropriate recipe:

Bagel Kitchen Croutons

4 of your favorite leftover Bagel Kitchen Bagels(if at all possible!)

4 Tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Cut bagels up into 1/2inch rounds

Toss with oil, salt and pepper

Toast in a 450 degree oven till golden brown.

let cool completely, then store at room temperature

Or just come into Jose's and have our Caesar!


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