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Eat More Coach Says!

This I got! Oh but wait, let's make this count, and counting I am. So I have been having some great success with intermitant fasting to the sum of 70 pounds down from this frame! Whew. But now that I can KICK, Stretch, and KICK(I'm 53!) I am not the losing weight as easy. Coach Wendi says I'm not eating enough protein. So after we put in all the numbers in the computer, calculator, and abacus, the solution is eating 180 grams of protein a day to get to my target weight. That is a ton of protein. So I am leaning on my lessons from Val Lego and eating lots of protein by dragging it through the garden. The primary carbs I get are from the protein shakes, Beef Jerky, and Protein Bars. Remember 50 by Forty Val?! Well with you and Coach Wendi I am going to achieve my goals in no time! Sorry Ladies, just because I am single, doesn't mean I'm available! I am just trying to be a better playmate for Ainsley!


Super hot pan with grape seed oil

8 ounce Tuna Chop

Your favorite Blackened Seasoning (Mine: Trade Winds)

THE VEGGIES: peppers, onions, jalapeño, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash.

Really coat the Tuna Chop with the Seasoning

Sear your tuna to your liking, remove from heat.

Throw veggies in the pan with some salt and pepper, sear

Put Chop on top of veggies and enjoy!

Prep Tip: I usually prep up 4 portions at once. This is awesome as a cold salad.


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