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Everyday I Pray for Wendy!

Meet my movement guide Wendy Corelli! Every Tuesday and Thursday we meet for a little girl talk and movement. But her determination to get a 330lb chef with a severe limp due to a sciatic condition moving again is obviously paying off.

When we are not dancing around "The Center" I pray for her EVERY day! Every morning I start a regimen of stretches starting on my knees and that leads to all sorts of prayers:

"Oh LORD! Please help Wendy! Help her guide my belly from hanging out of my shirt! I know that this embarrassment leads to the belly smaller, but it sometimes is frustrating to see it hang out!

Well the Lord works in mysterious ways people. It seems only better nutrition and movement HEAL. Everything else is just taking care of the symptoms. There is no pill for losing weight. With Wendy and THE CENTER, I am approaching 70lbs of weight loss, but more importantly I am moving like I did before the Sciatic!

Bonus Recipe:

I have been eating, this salad is an anti-inflammatory and it is all around yummy!

Coat a 6-8 oz Salmon filet with flax seeds and old bay, seared off with a little grape seed oil, put on a plate.

In the same pan sauté chopped cauliflower, onions, and granny smith apple(skin on!)

Add a handful of almonds and hit with fresh cracked pepper and more old bay.

Add fresh sautéed mixture on a bed of baby arugula or spinach, top with the salmon. Feel free to finish some awesome olive oil and any citrus like orange, grapefruit, or lime, whatever!


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