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For the Lunch Bunch!

Sometimes I think to myself,"I can't believe I get away with this!" Really! How is it that I get to have such a great, really great crew at a restaurant that I DON'T own, that appreciates my efforts, that allows me mentorship opportunities, and at the same time cook the food I love for the city I adore? Well 2 years ago Rob called me up to discuss Jose Babushka's for a refresh, and well, I am still here! I seriously think this is the longest time I have ever been employed?

What I really miss though is my lunch bunch! You and many others swinging in to enjoy some grub, a "Tommy" chat, and just to have a mid day break. Well guess what?

Next week Tuesday, The 31st of January I am serving up a killer lunch menu with all the old favorites like my Reuben and Spicy Wendi along with some new twists on lunch like Evan's Pastor Philly and John's Shrimp Po Boy! Nothing crazy, just good grub from the kitchen at Jose's!

Oh and by the way, we love EGR students! I will always offer a student lunch combo for $12 OTD.

Can't wait to feed you!


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