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Getting Ready for the Holidays with a little Spring Cleaning?

So I am getting ready to DECK THE HALLS and I realize that I haven't cleaned my windows this year or come to think about it, probably since Ainsley was born! If you know me, I am a proud OCD Chef, so what the heck?

As I am getting out the ladder and the copious amounts of cleaner and towels, I am thinking this is disgusting. I could go into the cobwebs and dead insects and Ainsley hand prints, but I feel ashamed as it is.

Then a METAPHOR arose deep from inside: "This is my health!" Sure I can see out this window, but with all this gunk, I am NOT getting the best view. Sure I can get around, achieve my daily tasks, but clearly I am "All Gunked Up". I certainly don't move with the fluidity or the strength I once had. I let time and unhealthy habits delver me to this exhaustion and pain.

Last January I knew I had to do something. I jumped on the intermittent fasting fad and it has worked, with some intermittent success, around 60 pounds! Now it is time to get the other 60 pounds off. Fasting is only going to take me so far. Over a decade ago, I did a great program with my dear friend Val Lego(wicked smart lady on the WZZM!) and we managed to team up with movement and diet to keep me accountable. We killed it and I lost 50 pounds by eating 6 times a day and moving 7 times a week. I'm getting back on that bus and I have an idea who I can ask for some tokens!

So this is not my calling, it is my RECALLING to a better lifestyle. So please, let us enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday and eat in moderation. Maybe prioritize a walk around the neighborhood to see who put up Christmas Decor up already(GUILTY!) Just know that I am thankful for your ear and all the great words so far.

With Great Taste and Love!


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