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Gonna start this during the Holidays?!!

Yes, because no time like the present. I knew I was gonna enjoy this past weekend with all my favorite people and food. So I did, I really tried. However, I managed to put on an extra 4.4 pound between Thanksgiving and this morning. I am only human and the last thing I need to do is take the spiral staircase down to shameful and remorseful eating. So maybe if I were a bit more mindful about portion control, hell make it even a full day of the week, and it is

SO I decree Mondays through the Spring will be Mindfull Mondays! I got this, in fact I am going to give you the opportunity to taste what I am doing!

On our Mindful Mondays I say we include Jose Babushka's so you too can enjoy my delicious idea of being healthy. What would you say to this:

Mindful Monday Feature:

2 low carb flour tortillas

Grilled Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tri-Colored Peppers, onions

Choice of lean Beef Tenderloin, Adobo Chicken, Flat Iron Mahi Mahi

Vegan Calico Beans(Red, Black, white beans in a spring onion broth)

Guacamole and house salsa

14 Bucks- Dine in or take away!


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