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Jogging More than My Memory!

This is not a logo, This was ME at the Center yesterday. I am actually JOGGING, or is it YOGGING? I just know that each week I feel better and move easier. Without shots, meds, or false prophets! Working out and Physical Therapy alone are not going to get me back to moving like I used to without proper nutrition. If only I knew how to cook right?

The problem for me is portion control after a long day of cooking. You see I don't ever feel like eating when I am cooking. So after an hour of resting I am famished. What's even worse is that both my parents were fat and I am chef, its like 2 drug addicts giving birth to a pharmacist! I can make some really good stuff. Time to use my powers for good!

Time to work on my craft and let all of you benefit! You can make these at home and I dare you to not to love my Ketachos! Instead of the tortilla chips(which I crave ours at Jose's nightly!) we use a delicious mini sweet pepper cut in half to catch all your favorite nacho toppings. OR better yet come see us at Jose Babushka's in EGR and we will make these for you!

Recipe for 1 "Tommy" portion

6 or so mini sweet peppers, cut in have with the ribs and seeds taken out.

4oz grilled chicken shredded(or any protein you like!)

1/2 cup fresh pico

1 fresh sliced jalapeño for heat!

1 avocado sliced up or 1/4 cup fresh guacamole (the real stuff people!)

2 oz cheddar, shredded

sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro

Part 2 of this series....DELISH!

Credit: Chef Evan for the prep and pic!


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