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Life is all about a little PUSH and and a Little PULL, Right?

As I take every day as a victory when I can work out with Coach Wendi, I realize that life is all about push and pull.

On the physical side, if we activate our muscles with this theory, we are going to have a better chance of growth. Just like pulling a bicep curl pushing up to a shoulder press, I see it now. Back in the day I used to split muscle groups differently and boy did I get sore! The soreness was the indicator that I worked out hard. Now when I go to the gym on my own, I tend to do the work, pushing and pulling, then I leave. No countless reps and sets, just sincere work.

On the mental and parental side I am using this mindset with Ainsley. I want to PUSH her to be better. Her schoolwork, her etiquette, her manners, and her empathy all take center stage as I raise her to be a respectable young lady. However a big success of this curriculum is PULLING her to the understanding that this discipline empowers her own success.

Showing Ainsley that I am taking advantage of tools that someone I trust is giving me will hopefully prove as an example for Little Red.


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