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One Step Forward, 2 Steps for the BACK! The Cook and the Coach Ep 2

From the Cook:

What a way to start my 53rd year!

  1. My weight went down, but my lab numbers went up!

  2. My movement and physicality went up, but my Sciatic moved to the other side.

  3. My blogs went up, but now my eyesight needs help with glasses?

These are all changes that hit me this year. So what's a boy to do? My response:

  1. Keep focusing on my mobility, because I can't feel lab results.

  2. Start every morning with a killer stretch routine, and finish the day with the same.

  3. Get glasses that work with my lifestyle and get a pair that make me look smarter than I am!(thank you sighteyecaregr)

The positive of all this comes from what I have learned over the past year. No pill, no shot, nor surgery can replace the benefits of proper nutrition and movement. Every time I think of the time, money and resources that I could have saved just by adhering to these 2 little things, makes me sick! So here we go again, this time healing faster and stronger!

Old Man Recipe:

Roasted Whole Chicken

In a roasting pan, throw in chopped Celery, Onion, and some carrots. Toss with 1 tablespoon DRY herbs that have been in your cupboard too long, and a tablespoon of salt and pepper. Stuff the bird with the "salad" and place the bird in the roaster with 1 inch of water.

Roast at 350 degrees until the bird'd internal temp is 155 degrees.

Pull all the meat from the bones, put the bones in the roaster filled with water. Put back in oven for 2 hours for the best chicken stock ever!

From the Coach

As you have read, Tommy had a setback this month. January found us getting back to focusing on strength training along with mobility and BAM there goes his back on day 2. As frustrating as it is for Chef Tommy, it is important that he continue with his routine, making the adjustments needed due to back pain but not stopping completely. Working out for Chef Tommy on Tuesdays and Thursdays has become a habit and we don’t want to lose that. Expecting Tommy to come even though he has an injury, can be considered his cue. This triggers the brain and prompts the behavior to unfold. We may not be able to do the desired workout but we keep up the routine and in turn the habit. Although the reward for his work may not have been what he normally expects, he did receive a reward in the form of prioritizing his health, finding some relief in his pain, and some ideas on what he can do to continue to improve throughout the week. Remember we have trouble keeping resolutions but creating healthy habits keeps us moving in the right direction.

As for my personal journey this month, I have to admit it has been a slower start than I expected. My son was home for the holidays from his first college semester, only to come down with a terrible case of Mono. His being sick took up some of my time, but he is back at school now and I have finally gotten a few weeks completed with 4 workouts per week accomplished. I am happy to say one goal is headed in the right direction, or shall we say becoming a habit. That being said my attainable weight loss goal, is not going as planned. I really do feel like I am making some better choices but I am not seeing any difference when I step on the scale. I have decided to celebrate the workout success, continue to prioritize the time for fitness, and not dwell on the scale number. I think I would do well to maybe track what I am eating throughout the day, and see if I am making the better choices I believe I am. Perhaps by visually seeing how I am doing, I can become more aware of some bad habits that I may have and need to change.


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