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Pardon my Dust and Delay!

Well that was fast, our summer that is! Funny how it seems that all of the sudden, the normal is not acceptable and you have to make some hard decisions. The concrete steps going into my home have been around for decades, slowly sinking into the earth, separating from my porch. Sure I got used to the first step being lower than the others, consistently compensating, not really understanding the effect on not myself or other's safety.

This is is a perfect metaphor for my health. For decades I let my body become overweight, then moving less, then gaining more weight, then the body aches, then moving less, then gaining more weight.....

Then I meet Wendi at THE CENTER! We started from scratch, simple moves, simple nutrition, little pain or strain, just moving and eating right. It took me decades to be this immobile, it will take some time to get back full motion.

Guess what? With the confidence that I gain with every stretch, every better nutrition choice I get closer and closer to really having a better quality of life. No drugs, no empty promises from the "Health Establishment", just moving and eating better.

Now I have rebuilt my steps and my core is strong!

The delay in my blog was brought to you by THE CENTER! Because now I get to ride my bike with my daughter, move a little faster, stronger, and better without all the pain.

Don't worry! You get a bonus blog this week on a healthy recipe the team and I are cooking up for not only me and Ainsley, but it will be this month's special at Jose Babushka's!


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