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Quarantine lessons from a toddler

As the eternal optimist chef, even I get overwhelmed with the thoughts of what our new world will look like. Right now some of us have maybe too much time on our hands, and it easy to speculate the worst, so easy.

This quarantine also has presented so many opportunities, especially as a parent. Our optics become broader, able to catch nuances of a child that may have been lost with the old day to day schedule. Not to mention seeing how a child is developing in an atmosphere of self-education.

A couple weeks ago, my daughter all of 3.5ish years brought me a cup of coffee. I thought my wife was pranking me, but no here comes Ainsley walking in the living room with a fresh cup of coffee, no big deal right? Well, look at the steps she had to take.

1. Open the Coffee Drawer, pull out Daddy's dark roast kcup

2. Close drawer, then pull her "lil chef's"stool across the kitchen and prop up against the Coffee Bar.

3. Turn on the Keurig Machine and WAIT!

4. Pull the old pod(like you don't leave yours in!) and put in the trash.

5. Execute the brew process without a burn.

6. Pull the stool over to the fridge, pull out the creamer, finish the brewed cup with a perfect amount of cream.(discovering how water tension works!)

7. Putting everything back and delivering me a great cup of Coffee with no burns.

8. Creating a such confidence in herself that she can do anything she puts her mind to(let alone offering us a cup of coffee every 10 minutes)!

I took this pic because the items really represent what means the most to our family:

The Lamp is from my Mentor and wing Girl who has passed Kristi Jackson(Middleton) Her idealistic hospitality runs through my veins.

The old forks, from my Mom's silverware collection, never ever did we use these shellfish forks(like we ever had crab boils, but my Mom needed them just in case)!

The art, All from Non-Profit Auctions. Because we all need to live beyond our front porches.

Ainsleys play tea set, remembering to have fun and play!

And that cup of coffee, now a symbol of determination and reinvention.

All wrapped up, a image of love, play, and hope. Thank you Ainsley for the life lesson of working with what you have, and enjoying the process to make your day just a little more delicious.


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