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That wasn't so scary!

Wendi, I'm HERE!

A decade or so it has been. A decade since I walked into a gym with determination for the workout. I have known since I was a teenager that I have to eat right and work out, but something switched in my life that put my personal health on the back burner. Now I was scared. I didn't want to be that old fat guy in the gym. I know that each day is a reboot from yesterday's choices, but damn, I feel my age. Bouncing back is not just the physical struggle, but the mental.

So Hellllllo Wendi! Wendi Corelli is my trainer over at the Academy for Sports and Wellness. Which is perfect because boy do I need to be schooled! I was so nervous just to get into the gym yesterday, but instantly instantly Wendi gave me something I needed more than crunches and lunges. Hope.

Oh sure we worked hard, but the empathy, knowledge, and instruction made those movements more sincere than any of those from my "meathead" days of past. So much has changed in the art of personal training and I couldn't be more hopeful for a healthier future. Besides, the facility is just perfect, perfect for sincere growth. I couldn't help but compare my idealistic"It's not the food, It's the people" to this group of experts. For Wendi, you can modify my saying to"It's not the weights, It's the people!", if you want!

When Wendi warned me that I may be a bit sore today, I was all too quick to reply"Well at least I'll be upstairs with Chris(really Cheryl) tomorrow, they can fix it!" This strategy is adding to my hope. I can workout 2 times a week with Wendi, then 2 times a month have rehab with Chris(really Cheryl!) to make sure all the pieces are working together.

It is scary however that I started this in the busiest and most delicious part of the year!

Here's to Hope People!


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