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This! (from the Coach and the Cook)

This is the reason I guess, for everything I do...Ainsley! 2 years ago, this photo would never be an option. Me with Lil Red on my shoulders in the sun, the heat, and a Country Bear!

From the Cook:

The thing that I have taken to heart through this journey of recovery and weight loss is that it is just that, a journey. There is no end game here.


When I move it it doesn't hurt anymore, its just annoying (like all this hype about a beer can!) Although my pain is a result of a nerve issue, Coach Wendi and I take the time and effort to use every tool in the CPR shed. Whether using leg compression, working on flexibility, or simply retraining my muscles we are making huge strides(literally!)

The funny thing about our workouts: I don't feel exhausted. No grunting, groaning, or muscle straining. BUT the next day I feel like I went toe to toe with my gym rat friends back in the day. It's a mystery! But it works. So keep moving. Tonight I plan to take a walk with Lil Red after dinner. I hear its a thing!

From the Coach:

As we hope for the nice weather to return to West Michigan you may be thinking about moving more outdoors and taking a break from the indoor workouts. If you happen to be like me, running may not be something you really enjoy, but you want to kick up the pace just a little. Don’t be discouraged if running is not for you, there are great plans out there that combine walking and running to help you kick-start your plan. Following a walk/run plan has many benefits. Walk/Run intervals can help decrease muscular skeletal impact decreasing the chance of injury. By taking walk breaks you may actually be able to go further, extending the benefits of exercise while having less mental stress thinking about how far you need to go.

When I am doing a walk/run plan I find I am able to stay far more motivated, I focus less on how far I am going and more on the plan I am following. Although there are many different plans that work well, I like to do a one-to-one ratio. I also like to change it up each time. For example this weekend, after a proper warm-up, I started with a 30-second walk, to a 30-second run, next it was a 1-minute walk and 1-minute run, I continued that up to 5 minutes and then headed back in the opposite direction. As I started to talk myself out of running I knew I would have the walk break coming up and I was able to push through. Other times I may do a 1-minute to 1-minute ratio the whole time. As I get feeling better while running I will move to a 1-minute walk to 2-minute run ratio. As long as I am able to enjoy the weather and continue to move I am happy. When I tried to run the entire time I feel like my mileage is less as I talked myself out of pushing further. There are many websites out there with great plans that you can try for a walk/run plan, so try a few and see what works best for you and helps you enjoy your time moving outside.

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