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Turning 52 is Shocking!

As I lap the sun for the 52nd time, its time to play a little 52 pick up. Meaning it is time to pick back up my healthier lifestyle, freshen up on my trade, and be more efficient with my resources at hand. Easy as 1,2,3 right? Let's take this one step at a time to insure success. Hopefully this hits a cord with you too. So this week you get my blog in three parts, as to insure proper digestion!

  1. Picking up my Health!

My session at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation took me off guard this morning. After Chris beat me up on the table, he introduced to me what he called "E Stem" I was hooked up to a machine that sent electrical impulses through my muscles to help loosen them up(get the Frankenstein reference?!!) This road really sucks. I don't recover like I used to and it is so frustrating. The only solace I take right now is the Chris, Wendi, and Cheryl at "The Center"are offering tools that I would never pick up alone.

So for you Wendi here is the recipe:yy 2 great tastes that taste great together. I have Wendi, who teaches me how to walk up and down stairs (because for 52 years I have been doing in wrong) and then Chris and Cheryl manipulate this boy into a better recovery. I am not one to be negative at all or degrade anyone on social media, but as I work with these professionals I get more and more angry at a system that is the antithesis of Healthcare. Just because a group of doctors work together as a group, doesn't mean they are are caring for your health. So what I am learning is that there is no easy road and not all "Medical Groups" are out for your wellness. I do feel that "The Center" is a place where I own my own wellness with a team that has my best interest. Stay tuned for my bonus rant in the third part of this series!

As a small token of my appreciation, I gave Wendi one of my supper club meals;Pot Roast!

So for you Wendi here is the recipe:

2 pounds lean chuck roast

1 pound carrots, baby or pealed and cut into 1 inch pieces

1 pound celery cut in 1inch pieces, leaves and all

1 large onion, wedged 8 ways

1 pack of mushrooms

8-12 small whole potatoes

1 cup red wine

Lots of Montreal steak seasoning

3T of any fat, bacon, butter, or olive/veggie oil

Rub the beef like no one is looking with the Montreal steak seasoning, don't be stingy!

Fire up a dutch oven and put in your fat! When water dances in it it is ready.

Sear that meat! I want it browned, all sides!

Add vegetables, cup wine, and at least 2 cups water

Throw in a 350 oven at least 2 hours-ish or until meat falls apart.

This recipe easily feeds 4.

I separate the leftover veggies and meat, chop up, thicken stock, and then enjoy the best beef stew on the planet!

Funny I am doing a pot roast recipe for a world class athletic trainer who works out a BEEFY CHEF!


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