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Well this is some Medieval S#$T!

From the Cook:

I saw the greatest quote on the interweb the other day and it went something like this:

"Remember when you were in a place that you would give anything to get out of it? Don't quit because you don't want to return to that despair"

I remember when my sciatic was at its worst. Then I met Wendi and we were killing it. Then I got lost in the summer and justified missing a session here and there. Well that was stupid! But now I'm back on track. Doing extra credit and trying some new stuff with Coach Wendi.

Some crazy stuff! Here I am with rubber bands pulling my knees one way while do my squats. OH YOU SHOULD HEAR MY KNEES, Its kind like when a kid discovers bubble wrap for the first time! BUT Holy Schnikees, I now have the confidence to actually run up stairs. The more and more I spend time at CPR, the more and more I believe the health industry wants us sick just so they can sell you something. Movement and nutrition is definitely not a quick solution, but as I tell Ainsley"Nothing Great is EASY!"

From the Coach:

Things have been going well for Chef Tommy but I felt like we were hitting a standstill, with regard to his knee pain. So, I decided to do a little research and find some new ideas to keep the progression moving forward. That’s when I came across @ dreamchaserr.__ on Instagram. He spoke about the success he has had by adding in isometrics for knee pain. I had read isometrics has an analgesic effect on tendon pain, it helps increase bone density, increase muscle density, and aids in tendon remodeling. So Tommy gave it a try and I think he would agree he had a great response even after one session.


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