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When Irish Thighs are Smiling!

Get your mind out out of the gutter! I was talking about my thighs, you know the ones made for running, jumping, squatting down. Man some people, and this close to Saint Patricks's Day!

It is hard for me to remember when it didn't hurt to squat down to zip up Ainsley's coat. Talk about feeling like a failure. It still invokes tough feelings.

Each week not only is my body getting stronger, but my confidence as well. When I approach a ton of stairs, there is that lil Italian Wendi in my head,"butts and boys Tommy, butts and boys!' I hope her husband reads these blogs to know this is all on the up and up! OK, now it is time for some a little fun from your favorite leprechaun that is grateful for you, The Center, and my Grandmother Hazel for this wicked easy traditional Irish meal:

Corned Beef and Cabbage

1 really good beef brisket that has been corned, about 5-10 pounds

4 pounds baby carrots

4 pounds redskin potatoes whole

1 full bunch celery, chopped in 1 inch pieces, don't even think about not using the leaves!

3 medium onion, peeled and wedged

2 Tablespoon pepper

1 Tablespoon pickling spice

1 can Guinness Stout

For later, not with the stuff above!

1 small head green cabbage

Put them all together in a large roasting pan with about 4 cups water. cover with plastic wrap then foil. The foil prevent the plastic from melting, and it creates a shrink-wrap effect.

Roast for 4 hours in a 325 degree oven or 6 hours in a 350 degree oven.

Feel free to add the chopped cabbage in the roasting pan after everything is cooked. Pop in the oven for another 20 minutes or so. This way the cabbage stays crunchy, not slimy. This would be a perfect time to put some of your favorite sourdough or soda bread in the oven too! Go to Van's Pastry on Fulton for their sourdough rolls, the best in Michigan if you like crunchy, gooey bread! If you don't well, why are you reading my blog?!!

Don't worry, l will have this at Jose Babushka's this Thursday, in case you need a professional chef for your dining pleasure!


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