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With Great Taste!



Welcome! My hospitality experience spans over three decades.  No matter what role I play; chef, owner, or even mentor, hospitality runs through my veins like a refrigerator (always working to keep food safe and delicious)! 


For most of my career I have been self-employed as what I call a “mercenary chef”. I cook, consult, design, motivate, and implement; consistently honing my hospitality skills.


I carry my ”It’s not the food, it’s the people” mantra like a torch to ignite the passion for hospitality. I have contributed many of my talents to local Grand Rapids nonprofits and founded my own nonprofit, Kitchen Sage, in 2013.

Kitchen Sage utilizes my dedication and commitment to demonstrate to young adults that building positive relationships can lead them to personal and professional success.


The success of Kitchen Sage relies on being able to follow my passion for connecting ALL people with great, nourishing food.  Preschoolers, After School Kids, Families, Presidents, The Famous (and not-so-famous), the Sick, and the Elderly have all experienced my passion as a chef one way or another.


I was named Chef of the Year by the Greater Grand Rapids Chapter of the American Culinary Federation in 2016. I am active in the chapter, cultivating relationships with members and potential members vital to building the culinary community in Grand Rapids.


I spend my free time with my amazing family; my ex-wife Emily and daughter Ainsley. We cook together and love hosting family and friends often. And whatever you do, DON’T ask me if I likes Star Wars!

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