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Even a Chef at times needs some MANAGEMENT!

Those of you that share my struggle, you know it is real. 80% of the time I am feel I am checking off all the boxes for living a healthy life.

Movement....Check! I have the best coach in the city! Coach Wendi inspires my moment process like no other. I am back in the gym consistently, even enjoy the day after soreness!

Supplements...EH? Doing. Multi vitamin with Zinc and Magnesium to start the day. Am I spinning my wheels here? It just seems thatI have hit a plateau with my weight loss and it is really frustrating.

Time to get managed here! I need some help. Fortunately my dear friend Kim Carson has proven that the team at AGE MANAGEMENT OF WEST MICHIGAN has created a consistency in her life with proper nutrition. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right! So I think it is time that I not only ask for help, but also share the things I am learning and combine them with my culinary prowess.

Stay tuned for some knowledge, recipes, and fun!


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