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(not so) Holy CR@P!

What a week! To jump off this plateau I signed up for a 14 week program with Age Management of West Michigan. They have a deal going so I decided to surrender FROM all what I thought was the perfect diet and see if some additional advice would help. The first week was just to get all the bad stuff out and start clean.

So last week I went to straight veggies, fruit, and the cleanest protein shakes I have ever seen. There were some ups and downs since I didn't have any caffeine, but all in all I started to feel better after day 2. The worst part was not being able to lift weights or have Coach Wendi push me.

This weekend I really started to feel really good, like really good. My stretches, stretchier, my breathing, breathier, and my joints, well...jointier!!

Did I mention I lost 9lbs?

The keys to my success:

Prep veggies for 2 days, keep them in the car. Take my supplements, drink my protein, and BREATHE! Coach Wendi is now teaching me to breathe after 54 years? And this new process falls perfectly into my morning and evening meditation.

I cannot wait to share with you the next 4 weeks. OH! And use my name to if you want a free consultation. I plan on doing some free cooking lessons for those that sign up for the 12-16 weeks. I have been doing my research and these next weeks are going to be delicious and fun! Don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions.

The deals right now:

Age Management of West Michigan Winter Weight Loss Sale 

Feb 1 - Feb 29

$200 off / 10 week integrative medical weight loss

$100 off / 16 week semaglutide medical weight loss

$100 off 4 or 5 week HCG / Cleanse HCG programs

50% off LIpo B and Preworkout Amino Blend Nutrient Injections (Regular $20 each / now $10)

$20 off AOD9604


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