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Say "Hello" to The Key Master and The Gatekeeper!

Of course this my funny way of comparing my fitness to the demi-god Zuul from the Ghostbuster movie. I need someone to keep me focused, motivated and call me out when I am off!

Wendi definitely is my gatekeeper, literally! I have been working on my posture and gate since day one. Why do I consistently need someone to check how I walk? It is hilarious how one day of poor posture can effect my entire body and health. Lately I incorporated a huge rubber band between my knees during stretching and squats. This is what I have become, always focusing on my GATE!

Then there is Aaron. Wendi may share a resemblance to Ms. Sigourney Weaver, but Aaron is not of the Rick Moranis type! His no-nonsense approach to my goals is NOT comical! And this week was no exception. Due to some ridiculous stress, last week was not my best. A refresher course on portions and calorie intake with a dash of empathy put me right on track.

I was hugely disappointed when he told me that Hummus though healthy, is really not the best choice for one that is concentrating on caloric intake.

So this is my reality. Food is fuel only for the next 12 weeks. My day consists of egg whites, chicken, fruits, veggies, and protein powder. all of this is washed down with coffee, tea, and gallons of water.

Special note: Magnesium supplements at night, not with the Vitamin D, Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil, Zinc, and other minerals in the morning!


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