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I DID NOT get that Memo Coach, Plank You Very Much!

Cross my heart! If I would have known that the recent sciatic episode was a result of doing extra-credit ab crunches, I would have been all too happy not to do 1000 crunches a day for 14days!

There are times I wish we could shoot an episode of The Coach and the Cook, but I fear with today's cancel culture Coach Wendi and I would end our careers!

I truly believe that the last two years would not have been possible with out the amazing motivation and friendship that has developed over our two years. We are extremely non POLITICALLY CORRECT! So when I told(bragged) Wendi about my "extra credit app" doing various ab crunches each morning and night, it did not go as plan. I had visions of the Christmas Story movie's teacher scene with the A++++, and was met with you'll shoot your sciatic out kid!

So in the spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah, here is a little gift from me to you all you men:

Just shut up and do what the experts say and nobody gets hurt!


Christmas Competition:

For the next 8 days new subscribers to daddychefempire on instagram will have a chance to win something cool from Ainsley and I AND we will make a donation in your name to the Jewish Federation of Broward County in honor of Hunakkah.

Whatever you celebrate, may the joy of all our cultures bring us all closer together!


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