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Just Trying My Best....Or Am I?

Yep, no DNA needed, that's my kid! And just like you this year had its challenges and there was a lesson in every victory and every failure.

This year I have been smacked in the face with the reality of personal limitations. Almost 52 here and for the first time in my life I am feeling what this extra weight does to my body. Recent medical issues have opened my eyes to our ridiculous machine of our healthcare system. Sure I saw the ugliness when I was at Saint Mary's, but until I was paying out of pocket(up front of course!) just to walk without a painful limp, I for the first time felt a different pain. Paying into a fund that does want to cover anything that will make me truly healthy was draining physically, mentally, and financially. And don't get me started with my experience of having a "health care provider" that proved on several occasions that they just wanted their money up front, no real patient care, no respect for my time, no follow up.

HOWEVER, I realized that I am not the victim of the machine's greed, I was a victim of my own laziness. And if I am going to afford my daughter with the best, that has to start with my own personal health.

So here are some of the the unavoidable truths:

1. There is no starting point or ending point. Sure I can document my progress, but if I can make better choices on a daily basis, that will be the victory. So why wait for the NEW YEAR?

2. Stop with the SUGAR! Awful, the worst, horrible. Love it!

3. Eat Better and Smaller. Almost as bad as number 2!

4. Move!

5. Have Friends help with accountability

So on Wednesdays allow me to share with you not only some my progress, maybe a recipe or two, and some ideas that help us all. You know us Chefs like to share!

Here's to the Holidays! Here's to be Healthier! Here's to sticking it to the machine by being proactive and smart with our own health.


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