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The Coach and Cook, Ep.1!

From the Coach:

It sure is easier to coach others on what to do than to step up and do it yourself. But, I made a commitment to myself and to Chef Tommy that this year I would continue to work on myself and my own health. What I like about the goals we created is they are simple and obtainable. I know myself well and if I make a total restriction, I will not last long, because I will crave it even more and if I give up wine completely my family won’t last long ☺

So on the scale I go, after a few curse words, I accept what I see and try to decide what an obtainable weight loss goal could be. What is something I can obtain, see success with, and as a result will continue to drive my progress? Yes, I would love to see large numbers of pounds fall off every week, but my goal will be one pound a week.

Keeping the same frame of mind with regard to exercise, I will be doing 4 days a week, 2 days will be filled with my fun adult tap class, the new bar class I want to try, and then I will add two other days for strength training and some cardio.

So now can I practice what I preach? Chef Tommy and I are here to keep each other accountable and I guess now, you are too. Stay tuned for all the ups and downs.

From the Cook:

Oh and there will be ups and downs(have you had my food?!). But in all seriousness I saw my weight shoot up 12 pounds from Thanksgiving through Christmas. So I am trying to be more strategic and specific with my intake first. This is why I hope you follow some of these hashtags:

Funny thing is that I don't even really know how to optimize these hashtags yet! But I will promise you this:

More quality time with the people I care about, better food choices, better movement, more healthy specials at Jose's, and less distractions. After all distractions soon become obstacles and I have enough of those! Oh I forgot one more thing....MORE FUN!

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25 de jan. de 2023

Tommy. Love the glasses ! So you! Cheer your goals and look forward to updates! I would still love to be a student to your craft ! Coach ! So positive !

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